Sunday, July 4, 2010

fix it

when u drive this far,
u think u go far enough..
but dun ever think that u just get what u want but not wut u need..
i think that we should change the preference of that.
i think we left something there..
couldn't we just completely understand wut we want it here..
i think we live in the world that we just pretending to be good.
does we want to be like we want.
or u believe that something that we working on rite now is the good idea..
i start thinking i should lead this war..
start to reposition..
where to start...
where to shot..
where to release..
reload the happiness..
clean the blood..
be true faithful...for never be ashamed..
i just want u to know that i really want this happen.
i need you become realistic.
we come this far away..
we need to make the decision rite now...
i think we need..