Wednesday, April 21, 2010

-the taste that i'd feel-

sometimes when u come to me
then i think u're just make ur decision to be with me..
but when u make something..
i can't feel the thing that u wanna make me realize..
u just make me realized that we can't make the people choose the way you're choose.
when u came and tell me bout Ur soul,
u just mentioning that whats yours..
i meant where's mine?
didn't u feel bout my heart..
u even know what i'm thinking..
i'm trying to push my self to make us become "flying" in our world..
but u burn our root..
make it crash..
i'm thinking just few far infront.
to show how my soul need you..
if someday u chose to left me and us..
i chose to pray to make me stronger than hercules.
to keep my sanity..
to keep my tears..
to keep our memories to be remains..
just only u stand at the top of my heart..

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