Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i'm praying for ur safe journey..

Dear God...
i pray for u about my friend going to some place to find peacefull..
but .. in my heart.. i try to find a way to stop her from going..
should i make it?
can't she see it all this about her..
i'm just worried..
i know her ..
her stubborn..
so i just have one choice.. it is pray for her safe journey..
please god.. take care of her..
let her find her self.. let her find what she need and what she looking for..


nOor aNIes said...

dnt wri...she will b fne

Myzul said...

jgn wiso din..dye taw ape yg dye kna byk bertawakal..

zolberlyder said...

amin.. aku tawakal je k.. :)